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Community is at the heart of PURE. We believe in not only giving back but in reaching out and enhancing the lives of everyone with our quality nutritional and skincare products and opportunity. Together we are moving forward with a passionate commitment to living a Whole Health lifestyle.

PURE Prosperity: The PURE Compensation Plan

PURE Prosperity offers Independent Business Owners (IBOs) the opportunity to deliver Whole Health through nutrient–rich products while providing six ways to earn income and other rewards.

Loyalty Rewards

The PAR (PURE Autoship Rewards) Program is open to Preferred Customers and IBOs. To become qualified, you must have your products delivered through Autoship. Not only does Autoship provide you with the convenience of a regular shipment of your favorite products and keep your account active, regular participation rewards you with PAR Points that can be redeemed for FREE product and access to exclusive offers every month when you have had three consecutive months of Autoships.

Incentive Trips

With hard work comes rewards. As your business grows and you continue to share our products and message, you’ll have the opportunity to visit exotic locations with fellow Independent Business Owners.