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Real Stories

Our family of Independent Business Owners (IBOs) are living a life of purpose. Read their inspiring stories below on how they created businesses, discovered their true purpose, and are living their dreams. Let these stories inspire and impact your life as you Live PURE.

Sybil E.

Sybil started her journey with PURE in August 2018. As a healthcare provider, she knew right away she wanted to be a part of PURE. As a single mom, Sybil works full-time yet still living paycheck to paycheck. She signed on as an Independent Business Owner for the residual income. 


Cozy B.


Cozy Bixler is a single mom of four children, ages 7-16. Since losing her late husband to cancer ten years ago, Cozy understands the importance of Whole Health for her family. She taught Pilates during the day and always prayed for a way to generate an extra income stream while also being available for her children.

Karidon R.


After staying home for two years after the birth of her first child, Karidon was ready for a change. She was looking for an opportunity that would not only benefit her health but her financial situation as well.

 Friends introduced her to products by PURE and she joined the company in November 2017. She has since reached the rank of Sapphire.

Steve and Joni M.


Before joining PURE in 2010, Steve was coaching high school football and he and and Joni were also self-employed business owners. They were raising four children and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Life was good, except for the precious time they were losing building their companies rather than spending it with their family. 

Jennifer Z.


For the past 23 years, Jennifer has worked as a deputy sheriff serving others daily. She realized that self-sacrifice was going to be the norm, and getting rich just wasn’t in her future.  

Kenny C.


Kenny grew up dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur. After one year of college, he began his first internship. The vice president of the company for which he worked asked what he wanted to do after graduation. When Kenny told him that he would like to own his own business, the vice president replied that owning a business right out of college was almost unheard of.


Paula Sue C.


In January 2016, Paula Sue learned about PURE from a friend. At the time, Paula was struggling with health issues and had very limited energy. She started following PURE’s philosophy of Whole Health and began to notice she had more energy and strength, and weeks later she was back on her feet, feeling great!