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PURE executive promoted to President, Europe, Middle East & Africa




(FRISCO, Texas) – PURE, a leading innovator of naturally sourced supplements based on a philosophy of delivering Whole Health, is pleased to announce that Ben Peter, has been promoted to President, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Peter joined PURE as Vice President EMEA, in December of 2018. From that time, the number of Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in Africa has reached more than 70,000 since our launch in this region. Even more impressively, PURE’s monthly sales in the region have grown by ten times just since the end of 2019. “To have grown 10 times our monthly sales in just a little over the past half of a year, is truly incredible,” said PURE President Bobby Love.

Additionally, PURE has expanded its footprint in the EMEA region—growing beyond Nigeria and Ghana at the end of 2019 to recently encompass South Africa, Kenya and Cameroon. Plans to expand further include additional countries within Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

“Since Ben joined PURE last year, we have consistently grown this new region starting in Africa, and have set new records each month along the way,” said Love. “July marks another huge milestone in our growth plan and is a sign of our commitment to continued growth and new markets in this region over the next several years. We’re excited to celebrate Ben’s well-deserved promotion and to celebrate our success.”

Peter said PURE’s track record for success and commitment to continuous improvement was a driving factor in why he joined the company. “I fell in love with the amazing vision of PURE Founder and Chairman, Mr. Dae Geun Jung, and was impressed with the company’s HIACT founding principles,” he said.

“Mr. Jung has laid the foundation for the success we are experiencing everywhere today. I love the fact that our products and the PURE opportunity are helping to change lives all around the world. To be part of the team creating an enabling environment for such massive impact is truly remarkable.”

Growing the PURE market in Africa to the incredible level it has seen has come with its own set of challenges, but Peter has achieved success by researching and understanding each market. “It’s important to be culturally adept and sensitive to local norms,” he said. “Building relationships with experienced and committed field leaders has been a key to our remarkable growth in the region.”

PURE Founder and Chairman Mr. Dae Geun Jung praised Peter’s commitment to excellence and impressive track record. “In just less than two years, Ben’s leadership has helped PURE become the fastest growing network marketing company in the region,” he said. “We’re so pleased to have him leading this charge and truly helping PURE make an impact around the world.”

In addition to the company’s success in Africa under Peter’s leadership, PURE has also made a significant positive impact within the local community. “We’re very excited about the partnerships we have been able to form within the African communities where we do business,” said PURE President Bobby Love. “We’ve seen so many real contributions that have impacted the lives of not only our IBOs but of the people in their communities.”

The company has worked to give back in the region through its charity, PURE Cares, which has helped support local orphanages, government agencies, and underserved communities—and has even sponsored a number of youth basketball programs.

“PURE has a passion for people and big heart for reaching out to community,” Peter said. “Our Community Give Back Program has connected us with so many families. Together, we are moving forward with a passionate commitment to living a Whole Health lifestyle, as well as empowering people and enhancing lives—and we will continue this legacy.”

Peter said he is excited for what’s to come at PURE. “With success comes more work, more opportunities to excel, more responsibility and more growth,” he added. “We are already on a journey of ensuring PURE products will be used by every household in the EMEA region. We want this to be the retirement company for so many and aim to be around several decades from now. We want to be the most amazing, the most inspiring and the most impactful company in the EMEA region.”
Peter holds a Ph.D. and an MBA in business management and has over 15 years of experience in the finance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, international business and direct selling industries.

About PURE:

PURE: People United Reaching Everyone is a leading innovator in health and wellness products. PURE is dedicated to delivering Whole Health with high-quality products for physical health, opportunity for financial health, relationships for personal health and social impact for philanthropic health. PURE is a global company with offices in the U.S., Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Cameroon, with headquarters in Frisco, Texas. For more information visit www.livepure.com

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